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We create

We do it
the rindus way.
Because we
love people.

We help companies to shape their perfect software development teams.

We help companies to shape their perfect software development teams by finding experts that exactly fit their needs in terms of skills, experience and personality.

And we inspire professionals who are passionate about their work by providing them a space where they can apply their skills and experience to exciting projects, and keep growing both personally and professionally. more

our partner

It is the human desire to have an impact, to deliver meaningful results, to be successful. Life is about growth and development: every creature, every organism continually grows its components.

That's our focus: we are inspired by world-class technology. To create it, we inspire people to grow.

By staying true to our values and doing things the rindus way, we get to work with talented and gifted experts from all around the world who feel motivated, appreciated, and challenged to create the best possible outcome.

Our teams deliver breathtaking technology every day, year in, year out, because of our long-term focus. Our partners benefit from this fantastic technology, which grows their business.

That's how we deliver a genuine, sustainable competitive advantage to our partners: our teams.

Our values
  • Freedom

    To us, it means for people to be able to make and execute their own decisions.

  • Ownership

    We see it as a necessary companion of freedom as, only when decision-makers feel accountable for their actions, is freedom a powerful value.

  • Trust

    We have it in us by default; we believe that our employees always behave in the best interest of our partners, themselves and rindus.

  • Participation

    We believe it is the way to combine our knowledge, skills, and experience and make the best use of our joint human energy.

  • Rolf C. Zipf, founder of rindus

    “We all want to enjoy full trust and take ownership of results. That’s how we learn and grow. That’s how we bring our most valuable assets to the table.”

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