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We focus on the people.
You and your rindus team focus on your project.

  • Recruitment

    We look for permanent team members who strictly meet the requirements of our partner. We coordinate the initial negotiations and hire them after our partner’s approval.

  • Onboarding

    We onboard these team members into the existing partner organization and define the interfaces to project / product management.

  • Leadership

    We lead these team members and keep them motivated on a long-term basis so that they consistently deliver high levels of performance and our partners can focus on the content-related work.

the rindus

The “rindus way” is a hybrid between legally employing own team members and buying software development services from outside parties. It combines the benefits of different models of collaboration such as the flexibility of “borrowing” team members from a nearshoring or outsourcing company, the comfort and resourcefulness of assigning your project to a software agency, and the flexibility of working with freelancers. rindus does not work on a project basis but only in long-term collaborations.

That’s how we make a difference: Our partners get the pleasure and joy to work with outstanding talented personalities who truly identify with our partners' culture and business, and continually contribute to our partners' goals with passion.

Our services in detail.


We attract outstanding tech experts from anywhere in the world and hire them to be part of our partners’ business on a long-term basis.

All of our partners’ dedicated software development teams are based in our offices in Málaga, Spain, where we take care of all of the administrative part and beyond. That means that our partners do not need to prepare paperwork, worry about insurance, physically provide equipment, organise training etc but can focus solely on the development of their product. Our business? Taking care of the people.

Administrative services

We provide everything regarding "recruitment on-demand," such as identifying, approaching, and getting engaged with outstanding team members worldwide through active search and other tools and practices of high, sophisticated talent acquisition. We also interview these experts (using technical and personal assessments) and talk to our partners only about these candidates' short-list. We then hire the team members on a permanent, full-time basis, and they permanently relocate to our offices in Málaga - we are not and will not be a distributed or remote organization.

We also provide fully-fledged personnel administration services, such as payroll processing, vacation/sick leave management, workplace security, health check, GDPR, and labor law compliance. Further, we deliver a professional workplace, including handling all the hardware and licenses, (home) office facilities such as physical or virtual meeting rooms, and managing all other work-related requirements.

Employee inspiration

At the heart of what rindus does are people. We want everybody working with rindus to grow personally, professionally, in any respect. rindus provides a whole universe of people-related services and activities to foster this growth, such as a dedicated people partner for each team member to cope with personal or business challenges, education planning and execution, friction management/health checks within the teams, regular coffee talks, and check-ins to stay connected, personal welcome activities with the management, but also performance and annual salary reviews. We also invest in many fringe benefits, such as language courses, private health insurance, catering, and different kinds of happenings, including coding/tech events, pizza days, beach Olympics, and more.

Partner services

Our partner services aim to help our partners achieve the most competent organization they can, including rindus team members as a vital part of this.

Together, our partners with their dedicated rindus team, create world-class technology. To promote a smooth and efficient organization and incorporate our professionals in the existent partner teams (as opposed to "external units"), we provide expert consulting. Our counseling starts with becoming familiar with our partner’s organization/product (e.g. role descriptions, technical challenges, project roadmap etc.) and recruiting new team members for them but goes far beyond that: we look at the current organization and we dare to make proposals for changes where we deem them appropriate. Further, we monitor the collaboration between rindus experts and our partners' teams - something like a "people partnership" for all joint team members.

What we don’t do

  • We do not deliver code. Our experts at rindus create technology together with our partners. Project Management, Product Ownership, and Code Delivery remain the responsibility of our partners. rindus finds and inspires the right people to bring onboard the partner’s team on a long-term basis.
  • We do not do short-term project work. We only collaborate with our partners on a long-term basis. There are many software agencies, nearshore providers, and freelancers to do project work. rindus is here to inspire outstanding team members on a long-term basis.
  • We do not provide "resources”. rindus has a unique ability to attract, inspire and retain remarkable personalities. We always look at the common growth path for our partners, for the team members, for the teams, for rindus. We do not sell time nor talent. We do not provide "resources”, as this would be incredibly limiting when talking about human beings.

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